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New published science reveals that chlorine dioxide — one of the most critical preparedness items you can own — destroys atrazine herbicide chemicals. Atrazine is the “gender bender” herbicide that feminizes males.

Chlorine dioxide also destroys snake venom peptides, covid and much more. I discuss all this in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, along with a new interview with ‘The Texas Boys.”

0:00 Intro

1:21 Robert F Kennedy Jr. Does Push-Ups

14:23 Backup Plan

25:47 Chlorine Dioxide

45:30 Interview with The Texas Boys

– Testing tractor PTO-powered generators to convert diesel to electricity

– RFK, Jr. shows huge muscles – he’s RIPPED at 69! content creators can now receive crypto thanks to new tipping system

– New research reveals how chlorine dioxide destroys atrazine herbicide in water

– There are HUNDREDS of uses for chlorine dioxide – add it to your preparedness kits

– How to stock up on raw ingredients to make chlorine dioxide for off grid emergencies

– Interview with The Texas Boys who successfully homesteaded in Texas and now live off the land

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